Blake Rose Releases New EP ‘You’ll Get It When You’re Older’

Singer-songwriter Blake Rose hit the ground running this year with his earlier single release ‘Use Me’. Now he’s released his new EP ‘You’ll Get It When You’re Older’ along with an official music video from his track ‘Don’t Stop The Car’, directed by Julian Buchan.

Blake’s fingerprints are all over the EP, out today, earning him producer credits on most of the material, while revealing his more personal relationships through his matured songwriting. The project title itself is from a direct conversation with his sister. 

 “My older sister was battling drug addiction which she is thankfully now on the other side of,” he explains. “That period was pretty rough for our family. It had a subconscious impact on my life, and it manifested itself in some of these songs. When I was 14, she joined us on our big road trip, and she was in the depths of addiction. Since I was confused and trying to understand here she was coming from, we had a long conversation. We went back and forth, but it ended with her saying, ‘You’ll get it when you’re older’. Those words stuck with me the whole time. As I started writing songs, our conversation would always come up. I essentially tailored the EP around the subject matter.”

Th 7-track collection includes the previously released songs ‘Use Me’, ‘In Your Arms’ and ‘Dizzy’, a more playful and nostalgic track. 

Talking about what he hopes people take away from the new EP, Blake is optimistic. “When you listen to the EP, I hope you walk away with more empathy for others. Try to see all sides of the story to understand the people around you. I’m in a period of my life where I’m trying to be as empathetic as possible not necessarily just with the music, but with the world. I think I’m on the right path.”

Blake’s new EP, ‘You’ll Get It When You’re Older’ is out everywhere now.

Watch the official music video for ‘Don’t Stop The Car’ HERE.