Oliver Tree Releases New Album ‘ ALONE IN A CROWD’

Gemma Lacey

Oliver Tree Drops Highly Anticipated Third Studio Album: ‘ALONE IN A CROWD’

Vibrant colorful and energetic both visually and sonically, Oliver Tree is something of an enigma with his genre-bending approach to music. Today sees the release of his highly anticipated third studio album, ‘ALONE IN A CROWD.’  Marking a significant moment in Tree’s career and showcasing his evolution as an artist.

A Unique Visionary

Oliver Tree could never be described as a typical musician. He’s a true visionary who consistently pushes the boundaries of creativity. ‘ALONE IN A CROWD’ is a testament to his unique approach to music, art, and storytelling. With this album, Tree delves deeper into his own psyche, creating a body of work that is deeply personal and thought-provoking and delivered with his signature bounce and vivaciousness.

A Visual Journey

True to form, he’s building an entire universe of Oliver Tree with this new release. Accompanying the album is a series of visually stunning music videos, all of which are self-directed by Oliver Tree himself. The latest addition to this visual journey is the music video for ‘With You,’ the focus track of the album. The video is the final installment in a series that began with ‘Bounce’ and ‘One & Only.’ Set in Serbia, these videos follow the character Cornelius Cummings, a fashion designer from London, portrayed by Oliver Tree.

A Uniquely Personal Record

‘ALONE IN A CROWD’ is undoubtedly Oliver Tree’s most personal album to date. It’s a deep dive into the complexities of human nature, exploring themes of loneliness, disconnect, and the modern human experience. Through his music and visuals, Tree holds up a mirror to society, examining our obsession with fame, social media, and the absurdities of modern culture.

A Prolific Artist

Oliver Tree’s dedication to his craft is unparalleled. He not only produces his music but also writes, creates, directs, and edits his music videos. This level of involvement showcases his commitment to his art and his desire to offer his audience a unique and immersive experience that invites them to experience his music in a multitude of ways. His Kaufman-esque Dadaist humor, often described as “meta-humor,” resonates with fans who appreciate his unapologetic and unconventional approach to entertainment.

Up Next

As if releasing a new album and directing a series of captivating music videos weren’t enough, Oliver Tree is also gearing up for his biggest international tour to date. The ‘OLIVER TREE PRESENTS ALONE IN A CROWD’ tour kicks off in Brisbane, Australia, on October 13, and will take him across Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia. This tour promises to be a spectacular visual and auditory experience, offering fans a chance to witness Oliver Tree’s creativity live on stage. As he embarks on his international tour, fans can expect nothing short of a sensational and unforgettable live performance. Oliver Tree is not just a musician; he’s a true artistic force to be reckoned with.