Lo Moon Release Two New Tracks From The Upcoming Album ‘I WISH YOU WAY MORE THAN LUCK’

Gemma Lacey

Psych-pop enthusiasts, it’s your lucky day! Lo Moon, the mesmerizing four-piece band, has unveiled exciting news for fans eagerly awaiting their next musical endeavor. Their highly anticipated third studio album, “I Wish You Way More Than Luck,” is slated for release on April 5 via Thirty Tigers / The Orchard. Alongside this announcement, the band has graced listeners with two tantalizing new tracks: the focus single, “Water,” and the b-side, “Connecticut.”

 Both tracks, masterfully crafted by Lo Moon’s Matt Lowell and produced by Mike Davis (known for his work with Ratboys, Pool Kids, and Great Grandpa), offer a glimpse into the band’s evolving sound. Alan Moulder, renowned for his collaborations with iconic acts like Depeche Mode, U2, and The Smashing Pumpkins, has lent his mixing expertise to this forthcoming record, promising a sonic experience like no other.

 Accompanying the release of “Water,” Lo Moon has premiered the official music video directed by Saoli Nash, with creative direction from Warren Fu. Fu, a longtime friend and collaborator, brings his visionary touch to this visual masterpiece, following his previous work with acclaimed artists such as Daft Punk, The Strokes, and The Killers. Dive into the captivating visuals of “Water” and immerse yourself in Lo Moon’s sonic universe.

Sharing his inspiration for the track, Matt Lowell, the creative force behind Lo Moon, says”Water,” offering a glimpse into the song’s poignant genesis. Drawing from personal experiences and literary influences, Lowell delves into the thematic depth of the track, reflecting on moments of artistic discovery and nostalgia. His introspective musings invite listeners to embark on a profound journey through the realms of creativity and self-discovery.

Building upon their recent tour successes, including sold-out residencies in Los Angeles and electrifying performances across Europe, Lo Moon continues to captivate audiences worldwide. From sharing the stage with luminaries like The War on Drugs and CHVRCHES to headlining prestigious venues, the band’s musical prowess knows no bounds.

Comprising Crisanta Baker, Sam Stewart, Sterling Laws, and Matt Lowell, Lo Moon stands at the forefront of the psych-pop genre, mesmerizing audiences with their ethereal soundscapes and emotive lyricism. With a diverse array of influences and a penchant for sonic experimentation, the band’s sonic tapestry resonates with fans across the globe.

 As “Water” and “Connecticut” beckon listeners into Lo Moon’s sonic universe, anticipation mounts for the release of “I Wish You Way More Than Luck” on April 5. Pre-order or save your copy now to embark on a musical odyssey crafted by one of the most exciting bands of our time. Stay tuned for more updates from Lo Moon as they continue to push the boundaries of their sonic world to stunning effect.