Lo Moon Release Latest Single “Borrowed Hills”

Psych-Pop four piece, Lo Moon, released their latest single, “Borrowed Hills,” today. From their third album, I Wish You More Than Luck, “Borrowed Hills” sets the tone for the album—dealing with youth and what feels like borrowed time.

Lo Moon’s Matt Lowell explains, “Like many of us, I had an overwhelming feeling of confusion during the height of the pandemic in 2020. It was a feeling that was strangely reminiscent of another time in my life…2001. I was recruited to play hockey as a kid and was attending Pomfret School in Connecticut during 9/11. My older sister was living in Manhattan, my parents were on Long Island and all communication was down. That complete confusion and isolation drew me to music and I picked up my roommate’s guitar and over the next week or so wrote my first song. My music teacher at the time convinced me to play the song in front of the entire student body in the iconic chapel on campus. Expressing the vulnerable feelings of the time and hearing my voice reverberating through that chapel altered my life. In December 2020, I went back to The Clark Chapel in search of reconnecting with that feeling. I hit record on my phone and Borrowed Hills was the first idea that came out. I shared it with the band and immediately we were on a path for our third record. During the recording process of the album we went back to the chapel, to capture the spirit of that room. We knew we needed to have that reverb, that pipe organ, that piano, our voices singing together in that space, and the overall feeling of just being in that space. So much of what we recorded in those couple days together made this record, and it all started with Borrowed Hills.”

I Wish You More Than Luck is due for release on April 5th.

Photo by Monika Wilczynska